An update finally

Well Ive been really lazy about updating my blog. So heres my catch all update. The june update hit and changed, added,fix all kinds of things.( For more details clicky.) About day after the update hit I went on a campaign battle frenzy.  I went on the frenzy because i needed about 20k in points to get Cobra Unit subligar for my thf. 

I also worked on doing Boy and the beast, and Wrath of the griffon quest for past sandy so I could progress further into the missions. Boy and the beast was really easy just had to go to Vunkerl and run around. The cses for it were kinda weird it had a young elvaan boy fishing with a gigas and a goblin translating for them.

For the second quest Wrath of the griffon I had to go to Jugner Forest (S) and fight an orc nm named Cobraclaw Buchzvotch. I soloed him as nin/rdm it wasn’t very hard. It was just annoying cause he countered¬† a lot and there were a lot of gnoles around that agro. After the fight there was a funny cs were the orc i fought gets knocked into another orc.

Then I was sent back to sandy were for a bunch of cs’s. I really didn’t take any good screenshots so here the only good one.

Another big thing I did that you may have noticed in my screen shots is I did a few dat mods because I got tired of looking at certain pieces/ things. Specifically I changed the O-hat to look like the shadow hat , Walahra turban got a mask added to it and I am still in the works of finding a look for the hauberk. I also made a switch to mithra’s byakko haidate, ninja hakama because I got tired of looking at byakko’s daisy dukes haidate and ninja tights hakama so I made a switch to models based off elvaan’s. The other big switch i just recently made was to different icons, font, button cursor ect. I changed to emikoffxi: FFXIStyle so far I’m really happy with it. Oooh and last but not least I changed my moogle to a cait sith model. Here’s links for anyone that wants to see where I got all my dat mods from. I know there a couple other dat mods ive done but right now I can’t remeber all of them >.< ill post them to when i remember them.

Cait Sith moogle

Better Mithra shorts

Masked Walahra turban

Hauberks I’m trying to decide between v1 and v2

Icons, font, button cursor ect..

Well thats all for now folks

peace Fey