Waddling death

Well something really funny happened yesterday. I was helping Oreo get through lamina gate so he could finish his cor af gun. Well after we finished we saw the Apkallu waddling around. I was like hey I heard these link. I’m gonna linkga them and flee to zone it will be funny. So i poke one and it starts waddling toward me very slowly. So we both start laughing. But the other ones don’t link with it so we were all like awww that sucks. So we kill the Apkallu without any trouble really except for the annoying AoE sleep it has. So we get ready to leave and oreo pokes a few so he could run away and warp well idk if he poked to many or if they did finally link but he got beat down quick. By that time I poked a few and was running around with them. And the result was this screenshot. After this i fleed to zone but almost got killed by a lamina cause i kinda got lost lol.

Anyways i got a goldfish tank, and I named them. The orangeish one is named Mischa+1 and the blue one is Oreo+2. I keep them next to my fireplace so they don’t get cold >.>……

On a side note my fellowship npc is almost done. All I want to do for him now armor wise is get his feet locked and unlock either the opo-opo crown or sun glasses for him

Peace Fey