I made myself a sig, but idk that i’m totally satisfied with it yet. The larger version looks fine but I don’t like the way it looks all condensed. I think I’m gonna play with it some more to make it more clear when its condensed. And yes I know I don’t have any of the gear my char has on in my sig and that some of the gear isn’t even for melee jobs but hey I was going for looks lol.

sig version 1

(Right click and choose view image to see full size version)

Peace Fey


And it begins!

Well Ive decided to take a shot at blogging. I plan to try to mainly focus on whats going on in my FFXI life with the character Feya. I might add some real life stuff to it all depends on what’s going on or what ever is keeping my interest at the time. Only time will really tell how often I end updating this. With me you never know how long I will stick with something it could be two day or two years. Anyways thanks for checking out my blog.

Peace Fey