Got to play with a hagun and Kirin’s osode thanks to oreo letting me borrow his. Thx alot oreo ^^

some dmg from it. Not super great but I was happy.

And I finished my oshi macro set for sam thx to shinanigans for synthing them for me.

with these Gavial cuisses and greaves i now have -25% physical dmg taken. With iron ram polearm its 35%  with earth staff 45% ^^. Anyways thats all.

Peace Fey



  1. Looks hot, with overwhelm that would break 1000 damage easy. Funny how you got more strength from gear than your base haha.

  2. yeah lol ill have to fix that with merits eventually.

  3. with polearm + earth staff its 45%? eh?

  4. Oh and I thought I should add….
    Defender doesnt work sub nin!!!!! lol jk.

  5. with polearm its 35% with an earth staff its 45%. And defender is part of my windower oshi macro so =P

  6. You know you gonna lend me your stuff right? So i can go Oshiiii!!!!!!

  7. Oreo is letting me borrow his hauby+1 and alkys and flame ring when he goes away… and his character. >_>

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